Monogrammed Flask (Custom)

Monogrammed Flask (Custom)

$ 40.00

This flask has got your name written all over it! Well it will. If you want it to. 

This made-to-order fancy flask is a perfect gift for the fellas. It holds 8oz of the drink of your choice, heck put orange juice in there if you want, we won't judge you (for being a huge dork). Whatever you put in there, you and your crew will be sippin' in style. 

A collaboration between Inkwell and The Daily Robot, the design is laser-etched and the flask laser-welded for a leak-proof seal. Comes with a screw-down cap attached to the flask, so you can't lose it. Might want to rinse before using. 

Just include the full name of the recipient (or the initials, First-Last-Middle) in your note to seller during checkout, we'll do the rest.